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Creative writing

Do you have dreams of becoming a prize-winning fiction writer? Are you an aspiring poet who hasn''t quite mastered rhyme and rhythm? Or are you an avid reader who wants to take things to the next level by shaping language on your own terms? If you are any of these, or simply someone who loves to write and wants to learn new styles through which to channel your creativity, then this is the course for you. During the week, you will learn how to design written worlds from scratch, develop engaging narratives, bend the meaning of words in poetry, and skilfully draw images in writing, all whilst ensuring you keep your readers and listeners hooked with their mental cogs whirring. So, if you are a budding poet, an aspiring novelist, or an experimenter with a desire to write, sign up, take a leap and discover the power of the best tool on the planet - your imagination.

Creative Arts
Creative Arts Creative Arts


Age Range:

15 years to 19

Activity Start Date:

Monday 15th August

Activity End Date:

Thursday 18th August


Creative Arts



The British Library

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Camden Summer University




020 7974 6543


London Borough of Camden, Crowndale Centre, 218 Eversholt Street, London NW1 1BD