Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search for activities I can do?

On our homepage you can search by type of activities. Select the activity type you are looking for and browse all the options available.

If you have particular criteria (eg: age or dates) click on "Advanced Search" which you can find in the top right hand corner of the homepage underneath the search bar. Here you can input your age, dates and keywords to narrow down your search.

Can I book activities on this site?

No, this site is a directory only. All our activities will have a website link which will take you to the partner who is delivering the programme. Their site will have more information including how to book a place.

Why cant I find an activity near me?

We have listed as many activities as we can in Camden this summer however there may be events happening that we haven’t been able to list. On our Partners page you will find contact details for organisations in your area for you to check for any additional activities taking place.

The activity I wanted is booked up, can you help?

Unfortunately lots of the activities and events happening this summer will be popular and may get booked up quickly. There are lots of free and open access activities that will have a larger capacity. You can also contact the provider directly (contact details will be on our Partners page) in case they have a waiting list or any additional spaces come up.

Are all the activities listed on this site free?

Many of the activities happening this summer are free but there will be some that require payment or a contribution. Full details of any costs will be on their website.

I have booked a place on an activity and now need to cancel it, who do I speak to?

Please contact the provider with whom you made the booking with. They will be able to provide you with support around cancelling your booking.

Do all activities require booking?

No, not all activities listed here require you to pre-book however some may request you to book a space (even if it is a free event) to manage capacity. To avoid disappointment, please check the providers website or call them directly for more information.

I have a questions about an activity, who do I contact?

If you have a question, query or concern about a particular activity, please contact the provider directly. They will be best placed to assist you.